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smallmind.jpg (32480 bytes) Notes from a Small Mind - Rob Sawyer

On his 4th birthday Rob Sawyer received the Airfix Kit of the Handley Page Halifax and thus began an enduring love of aviation.

During his life he has spent most of his pocket money on Airfix Kits, the "Civil Aircraft Markings", anoraks and latterly Avgas.

Notes From A Small Mind starts in 1959 with a "Beau" (his father) and ends in 2001 with an Arrow.  Inbetween these two extremes are the trials and tribulations of 'plane spotting in the 1970's, being an adolescent in the Air Cadets and business travel for beginners.

"Excellent read, if there is any spotter, modeller, passenger or pilot in you, you'll enjoy this book."

-web master

isbn 0-9542289-0-1

9.99  Published by njur 2002