Fly In 2004

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Popham SOLENT AVIATION SOCIETY FLY-IN 19th September 2004 Don Eaves

The weather was less than perfect, but we still had a good turn out, a nice variety, and something for every trophy! Our grateful thanks go to Harry Belcher, Dave, the ATC and all the crew of Popham for their hard work, and to the Solent Members that worked to make it another successful event.

G-ACNS Moth Major

[Best Vintage]

  G-ADRA Pietenpol

[Special Award]

G-AHVU/T6313 DH82A G-AKUH Luscombe 8E G-ALEH PA17
G-AORB Ce170 (o/f) G-AREO PA18 G-ASUD PA28
G-ASZR Linnet G-ASZS GY80 G-ATEF Ce150
G-ATXO Sipa 903: G-AVOM DR221 G-AXJX PA28 [Meritorious Flight]
G-BDMS/FR88b Cub: G-BFGK D117 G-BGXC TB10:
G-BMCG G109B G-BOER PA28 (ex n/s} G-BOOC PA18:
G-BPFD Jodel D112 [Special Award]   G-BPIZ AA5B:
G-BPKF G115: G-BRCD CeA152 G-BRCW Aeronca 11AC
G-BRHX Luscombe 8E: G-BRUG Luscombe 8E G-BRWR Aeronca 11AC
G-BSNT Luscombe 8A: G-BSOX Luscombe 8AE G-BSSA Luscombe 8E:
G-BTCH Luscombe 8E (Resident)   G-BTCJ Luscombe 8AE:
G-BTIJ Luscombe 8E

[Best Luscombe]

  G-BULO Luscombe RA
G-BUVO Ce172 G-BUWK Rans S6: G-BVCL Rans S6:
G-BVGW Luscombe 8A G-BVGY Luscombe 8E [Concours D'Elegance]  
G-BWCK Everett Srs 2 [Best Gvro]   G-BWYK Yak 50:
G-BWY0 Falco F8L G-BXZO Pietenpol G-BZEC Ce152:
G-BZEZ Shadow G-BZRV Vans RV6 G-CCTU Quik:
G-ECVB Pietenpol [Best Pietenpol]   G-EERV Vans RV6 [Best Modern]
G-EVIE PA28 G-HAMI FA200 G-IVOR Aeronca 11AC.
G-JDJM PA28 G-KENM Luscombe 8EF G-LUSI Luscombe 8F:
G-MVXD Hybred G-MWJF Shadow G-MYDF Minima (Resident)
G-MYSW Quantum G-MYVP Rans S6 G-MYKZ MiniMax (roaded in)
G-OPDS Kitfox G-POOH Cub (Res.) G-RVIV Vans RV-4:
G-WBTS Falconar Fl1 G-XARV ARV-i [Sealed Time of Arrival]  
G-YKSS Yak 55 [Osprey Trophy]   G-YRIL Luscombe 8E:
HA-MKF AN2 (Res./Open for inspection) [Best Bi-plane]   N5839P PA24:
N7238X PA18   VR930 Sea Fury [o/f l6:30]