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"For the members by the members"

The Commitee Chairman  Graham Spiller   Exco Board Moderator Don Eaves
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Webmaster  Gareth Webber Publicity Malcolm Lee

Solent Aviation Society was founded over 20 years ago, by two dozen aviation enthusiasts who  got together to try and produce a magazine to replace those of other clubs which had started but quickly finished.  The prime instigators: Andy Chown, Eric Osborn, Paul Ridout, Richard Ward and Don Eaves (who only came along to demonstrate his model balloon) decided to produce a 20 page A4 magazine and to set up a working committee to oversee its production.  With a bit of help from Southampton Labour Party (who allowed us to use their duplicating facilities) the first magazine hit the streets in April of that year.  A second hand photocopier, was later acquired and finally our own copy printer.

The magazine quickly grew as more members joined and contributed. Don Eaves became editor and Gary Kneller came in as chairman. As a relatively new member I'd like to thank all the people who have held committee posts over the years and put in so much work to make the society the success that it is today.  There has been some comings and goings over the years but there are still several people who can remember the early days. 

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Today as printing costs have risen considerably we have decided to no longer produce the magazine. We thank all section editors, contributors and subscribers for their support over the years. We hope you will continue to be members and contribute in the new digital era for the Society.

As well as running this web site we hold a Monthly Social Meeting involving a slide show or a guest speaker and covering all aspects of aviation.  The venue is the  Railway Institute, Romsey Rd, Eastleigh  on the last Thursday of each month. 1 fee for meetings (to cover costs) and  the venue has bar (good beer).    The club is adjacent to the bus station and close to Eastleigh Railway Station.  Car owners can use the OUTSIDE portion of the Sainsbury Car Park.

You may also see us at Popham Airfield manning our sales stand.  This gives us a chance to meet the members personally and to make the society a more friendly place.  (The income helps keep the cost of membership down.)

We applied in 1995 and were granted Branch Membership of Air Britain and sell their publications.   We also take part in their International Aircraft Recognition Contest with some degree of success.  My name is Paul Godfrey and I got involved in 2000 to run the Web Site.  My aircraft recognition may be terrible but at least I know a CGI script from my Java applets.   :-)

If you are already a member you can download the Constitution here.

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